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Word for tonight:

Belive God is raising up some soldiers to tell the truth, to hit pinpoint that never been heard in the Church.

I give my life to God in 2010, but that moment in the church there more preaching about God goodness, love, money & blessing; not saying this bad but it should be a balance to share the Good & Bad..

God is more then just blessing… to many is watering down the word of God, because they afraid they might lose (members or people so you say). People wants real not fake… with that being said if, or will you teach on perversion, child abuse, pornography, lust, hell, spiritual warfare, and so on..

Don’t see people just as a pat on the back. be concern about the soul, don’t see God words just for money.. be real! In the church & out….

Words is very powerful! List up ladies. God made you perfect just the way you are, Encourage Yourself by seeking the word of God.



Cut the core

When someone has gone through abuse these will be the biggest keys, that’s will keep you hostage but first let look at the definition.

hostage: a person who is captured by someone who demands that certain things be done before the captured person is freed

You can be held hostage within yourself that’s only if you give it the power to do so…

I can go much deeper!

Few keys that the devil or yourselves will tell you.

1. No place
2. No voice
3. No worth

You can big your biggest enemy. This why its very important to get heal by God so you can live, have viable, and purpose.

– Sarah Coulter


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DO NOT CROSS: “Do I really want to be in a relationship” ?

DO NOT CROSS: “Do I really want to be in a relationship”?

10 Few keys you need to know that will be a red flag when it comes to the opposite gender in the beginning.

1. Now, without a patient.
2. Now, is Lust
3. Trying to find a way to get you to be by yourself
4. Trying to find ways to turn you on
4. Getting upset quickly when things don’t go their way
5. Moving to fast

6. Vision does not match up with his / her
7. says that you are “judging” when you are correcting them with Biblical truth.
8. Hesitate
9. Insecure
10. Talk about the Bible with no action β€πŸ“ΏπŸ™Œ

– Sarah Coulter

What is your highlight?

Psalm 91

Verse: 2,3,4,11, and 15 was a highlight for me.

We should be able to say that God is our shelter and protector when it comes to any issues that we come across our lives.

But if we lack trust how can we say that?

Our God is not a God that turns his back on us, our close his eyes when we are in danger.

That first part in verse 3: “surely he shall delivery”

So when anyone cries out for help by being any sin or just need help, he will come through immunity to save us or to de delivered from something.

For example: If a newborn bad cry the mother not going to sit there by doing nothing, just going to get up right away to see what’s wrong with the baby.

With God, there should be any doubt but prayer.

When God has an assignment for us to do, he guides us with the Holy Spirit but in order for God to take charge there much be a daily relationship with the father.

But at the end of the day: with faith in trust in God there’s no action in Him.