Beauty is fading

Understand who you are


I’m very excited you made it.

Can we talk!? I’m sure we can, no one will not have a problem on my point view.

Okay, let’s get started!

First, let me share my testimony with you.

My name is Sarah Coulter. I’m single mother with a 13th year old, before I surrender my life to God in 2010; I was spending most of my time Chasing down man’s at a very young age. Why? I didn’t understand my purpose, abuse as a very young age, and force to do things that should had only had happened in marriage. So, everything I want through before I said YES to God in 2010; I allowed myself to have a harderd heart towards myself by not care about my body or how I was treating others.

 I was constantly running in and out of different relationship, by trying to fulfilled empty void that was only temporary. When one relationship ended I would head to the next guy or even be in two relationship at the same time; through out all the relationship I run through only one was ready for marriage, but I didn’t except the engagement because I know, I wasn’t ready, didn’t know who I was, my purpose, still had desire to live a street life, drugs, and culbing; doing whatever I can to keep my flesh busy. Long story short! I’m so grateful that I made up my mind to chase after Jesus Christ now, because now I have love, understanding of my purpose, joy please, happiness. Jesus is the one I run to when I’m hurting, Jesus is the one I run to when things look confused, Jesus is the one I run to, when I need to whole a deep conversation with. God is my everything!

My words, my life, and purpose is not to  Boston or to have anyone all up in there’s  feels… Its all about God and to show you, what God can do in your life an to help others as well. List up ladies, stop chasing these man.. yes! You. If you’re reading this, and you know you’re follower of Christ; don’t waste time because a guy will know this wife because you would be apart of him. Just like Adam! He know who was eve was… EVE DIDN’T HAD TO CHAES DOWN Adam, not even one bit..


Jonh 15:1-6

Proverbs 18:21

Jonh 8:12

Roman 8:28

Matthew 5:8

Job 31:1

Psalms 51:10

Proverbs 4:23

Luke 11:34

Galatians 5:17

Worldly Idea 

We are more now in a generation were you may here from people, on what they want out of a man; few keys that I had heard  from some female.

1. He have to look good 

2. He Need a 6 pick with big muscle

3. He have to have money 

4. He need his own car 

5.  He need his own house

6. He need good looking clothes 

I believe there’s more women not all, but more concern what a man have for them and how they should look or dress an a certain way. Instead of, trying to figure out what you wanted, think about what you’re doing. Because, when you’re mind more focused on earthly things just going to fade away quickly. You have to think biblical and wisely, on what God want for you. Because that 1-6 not going to help or build your relationship with God.

-Sarah Coulter 



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