Define of purity-  Exbaut fumes are a tbreat to the purity of rhe air we breathe: pureness, clearness, clarity, lucidity, limpidty; cleanliness, cleanness, immaculateness, immaculacy, brilliance; excellence, fineness; homogeneity, uniformity. She is a woman of purity and goodness: guiltlessness, guilelessness, innocence, clear conscience; modesty, temperance, chastiry, virginity, chasteness, decency, uprightness, morality, rectitude; holiness, saintliness, honestly, honor,... Continue Reading →


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Beauty is fading

Understand who you are Hey!  I'm very excited you made it. Can we talk!? I'm sure we can, no one will not have a problem on my point view. Okay, let's get started! First, let me share my testimony with you. My name is Sarah Coulter. I'm single mother with a 13th year old, before I... Continue Reading →

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