Rogan, Organic carrots, squats, basil pasto, avocado, beans, and brown rice.

1 Cup of beans

1 Cup of slice carrots 

1 Cup of chop suats

2/1 haft Cups of Brown rice 

2 spoon of basil pasto

2/1 spoon of rogan josh

Note: for my dressing I add margetti classic ranch.

Note: for taste. I add sea salt, you can add as much as you to get to the taste you like.

Note: for topping. I add avocado, with italian-style chesses. 

My favorite: adding sriracha HOT chill sauch, you don’t have to add this last part… 

Last. A squat is very hard to cut in the beginning of the cutting, so be very careful when you are cutting it. Also, when you are cooking it; I perfect them to be stem in water and seame oil, not to much but just enough to cook them through. 


Fitness & Heath,

Sarah Coulter




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