Proverbs 22:620150515154523

Train up a child in the way he should go, And when he is old he will not depart from it.

People get this twisted… Why? Because most people believe by giving their child material things is love, young parents not know for sure what “train up” really mean because they are assuming on what they see and how they were raised. Especially, when you are a single mother or even being in a marriage. You allow yourself to put your child in command, or sometimes it can be the opposite way by being very controlled. I remember growing up in my childhood my father was very demanding and strict, in a way of wanting his kids to be like him when he was younger and making sure we would do everything right but it we would do something worry to make it seem like everything have to be perfect. When we would get offline, he would get upset about it with angry words and deeply aggressive with his with his voice, but on the other head, he tried his best to show love with respect.

In Proverbs, it says (depart), so in order train up a child you would have to help them to live out their life like Jesus. If they depart from God as they get old they will end up finding they way back on what God really called them to be, because God have a mission for every child to show who God is not to be like others or this crazy world that we live in. Whatever your purpose is on this earth, use it to glorify God and allowing God to mold you and shape you to his purpose of life.


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