Child abuse is a name who been giving, when a person is physical, emotion, and sexual abuse. Child abuse is a lifestyle circle by the pass down to generation, in other people life by not knowing how to break a dead cycle. Being abuse costly over-and-over can affect the child life.

Here are three points that child abuse can affect his or her life.
– Having lacked trust with other people.
-Wanting a high level of angriness.
-Passing down child abuse towards, their own kid’s
Child abuse is a lifetime generation. When any adult was involved with abuse, being a child growing up, he or she automatically passed it down to his or her kids, because that’s all, he or she knows when he or she was growing up. Eventually, they will have issued by them not reaching out for help. afterwards, when that adult became a parent, he or she would pass it down to his or her kids. When the parent kids get older to have their own kids, afterwards that parent will pass it down as well. As, you see it’s a generation cycle.
Some people wonder how long it be around and other trying to figure out how they can stop child abuse; I think most of the people that already working with kids who are having issues with child abuse in their home. They don’t even know the full meaning behind child abuse and really getting out of their comfort zone of a child’s case and knowing the sign of child abuse. The other half, just in it for the money and Burley not finding ways on their case about the child lifestyle. Caseworker always assumes the child needed medicine to calm a child down, that’s why it’s millions of kids now that is on medicine because the caseworker doesn’t understand the child behavior. Then if they see the medicine is not working they will send the child off to a psychiatric hospital, to dope up the child with even more medicine.
When a child has a lack of trust in other people, the child makes themselves be existed on earth by isolating themselves away from other. They will assume anyone doesn’t want to be bothered with them, so they find the way and excuse they way out of the; Furthermore, unyielding for them to make new friends by always keeping to themselves by having to hold communication and conversation with others. He or She will have a very hard time with school and classmate.
When a child has a high level of angriness, it can affect the child with lack of behavior at school, home, and sometimes out in public. But it is very underwear to have a lack of behavior in public; it would draw them on being embarrassed. A high of anger can give the child the opportunity to allow him or her to get into fights at school, and finding ways to pick on other students. The child sometimes can get way out of hands with their owed teacher.
If the child does not seek for help on when he or she became a young adult, that same pattern rotates in a circle of their lives. However, after they have done with high school or before, the behavior began to slow down. Why? Because he or she found other ways to fill their void, by getting involved in a relationship and not knowing they need help from a professional. As they develop, of being an adult, they allowing people to treat them any type of way and being used. Because of this by having a lack of respect for themselves and being afraid to speak upcropped_header_1434820051641[1]Sarah  Ann

Study: Matthew18:6
Ephesianss 6:4
Colossians 3:21
Psalm 127:3-5
Titus 2:4
Proverbs 22:6
Proverbs 29:15


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